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Xalapa, Ver. México. Junio 2008.

18 marzo, 2016

A Brief Yet Discerning History of Scientific Classification

Tomado de: Shelf Life, Episode Two: Turtles and Taxonomy. AMNH.

From humanity’s earliest days, we’ve been pretty intent on naming and classifying things. After all, without words like “banana” or “tiger,” it would be difficult to ask important survival questions like “Are bananas good to eat?” and “Can a tiger outrun me?” But after we moved on from hunting, gathering, and escaping large carnivores, names became the lexicon that allowed more complicated investigations. To understand things, we have to name them and group them—and then we get to start asking questions about the world.

 Humans have left records of such inquiries since antiquity. For a quick look at how scientific classification evolved in the Western world, we turned to the Museum’s Research Library and picked up six volumes representing some key steps along the way. (For the 21st-century highlight, we went, of course, to the internet—and to the work of some of our own scientists to bring new research tools online.)

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